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Can't run amule in Konsole

Someone wrote:
hi, i've tryied to install amule by compiling source, and it did'nt work : when i tape 'amule' in Konsole, it return 'command not found', and after i've tryied to install by rpm installation and it made the seem problem again. i work on Mandrake 10.0. please help me

Please post in forums (that is or join #amule IRC channel in

Wiki is not the place to ask for such help ;-)

Karsten wrote: Hi, shouldn't be the second symbolic link creation be mentioned in the wxGTK section (step 2)?

ln -sf /usr/bin/wxgtk-2.4-config /usr/bin/wx-config

???>>> ln -sf /usr/bin/wxbase-2.4-config /usr/bin/wxbase-config <<<???

Fixed. The compilation HowTo had a structure rearrangement to fix this and some more issues.

Also: What if gtk-config cannot be found (e.g. it's not available in SuSE 9.1 as they seem to use version 2.0)? I think, the installation of gtk (and - before that - glib) should at least be mentioned as a precondition.

Well, if you compiled/installed wxGTK, you should have GTK perfectly compiled/installed, otherwise, wxWindows should have not been able to be installed. aMule only checks for the upper dependencies, not the dependencies of it's dependencies. All applications do the same. Otherwise, every app should check even if a valid kernel is installed ;-)

btyvù - I had the same problem on a Mandrake 10.0, the build/install of wxGTK works only if gtk-1.2.x is installed (Don't work with gtk-2.x.x)

We develop aMule, not wxGTK ;-) Post your suggestoin to wxWidgets developers, so they are concerned about your problem.

B.t.w. - I had serious problems compiling 2 RC5 with wx 2.4, finally I moved to 2.5, compiling was fine (but only 2.00 rc5 - strange), but aMule hung during the startup. Got an error message that libqtpixmap.could not be found. Maybe qtpixmap is a precondition as well?

No, it's not. At least not a direct dependency (see the answer above). Check your system since something is wrong there :-/

Finally - There's a typo in the src cryptolib installion. Instead of

cp *.h /usr/include/cyrptopp/

it should be

cp *.h /usr/include/cryptopp/

Thanks for fixing that! :-)

Hey - aMule hung because of something in the .aMule-directory I formerly used with 1.27. So whoever might have this problem and reads this:

mv ~/.aMule ~/aMule.bak

and start, this should work.

Check if that something in the ~/.aMule directory was ~/.aMule/clients.met ;-))

Hi, Is there a bug in the amule rpm? When i try to install the rpm with:
rpm -i aMule-2.0.0rc5-1.i586-MDK_9.2-10.rpm
it complains about one missing library:
error: Failed dependencies: is needed by aMule-2.0.0rc5-1mdk

I have allready installed the package that is supposed to contain this package.the library installed in usr/lib is:

it seems that in what amule needs there is a missing "2". And that is the reason why it doesn't find it. true?

i tried making a hard link in usr/lib:

[root@localhost lib]#  ln
[root@localhost lib]#  ln
[root@localhost lib]#  ln

in order to amule finds the file "" but this idea doesn't change the problem. I give up... i don't know what else can i do. Somebody can help me???



Please install the rpms on the aMule download page. Check


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