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(=Can't run amule in Konsole=)
(=Uses VisualC++ Classes=)
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== Uses VisualC++ Classes ==
The Upload Speed Sense Code uses VisualC++ Classes.
== Can't run amule in Konsole ==
== Can't run amule in Konsole ==

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Can't run amule in Konsole

Someone wrote:
hi, i've tryied to install amule by compiling source, and it did'nt work : when i tape 'amule' in Konsole, it return 'command not found', and after i've tryied to install by rpm installation and it made the seem problem again. i work on Mandrake 10.0. please help me

Please post in forums (that is http://www.amule.org/amule) or join #amule IRC channel in irc.freenode.net

Wiki is not the place to ask for such help ;-)

Karsten wrote: Hi, shouldn't be the second symbolic link creation be mentioned in the wxGTK section (step 2)?

ln -sf /usr/bin/wxgtk-2.4-config /usr/bin/wx-config

???>>> ln -sf /usr/bin/wxbase-2.4-config /usr/bin/wxbase-config <<<???

Also: What if gtk-config cannot be found (e.g. it's not available in SuSE 9.1 as they seem to use version 2.0)? I think, the installation of gtk (and - before that - glib) should at least be mentioned as a precondition.

B.t.w. - I had serious problems compiling 2 RC5 with wx 2.4, finally I moved to 2.5, compiling was fine (but only 2.00 rc5 - strange), but aMule hung during the startup. Got an error message that libqtpixmap.could not be found. Maybe qtpixmap is a precondition as well?

Finally - There's a typo in the src cryptolib installion. Instead of

cp *.h /usr/include/cyrptopp/

it should be

cp *.h /usr/include/cryptopp/

Hey - aMule hung because of something in the .aMule-directory I formerly used with 1.27. So whoever might have this problem and reads this:

mv ~/.aMule ~/aMule.bak

and start, this should work.

Check if that something in the ~/.aMule directory was ~/.aMule/clients.met ;-))