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AMule Project FAQ:About

  aMule specific features
   English Version:
     Slot allocation allows you to specify to how many clients you wish to upload    to at once. For example, if you have 20KB/s for your maximum upload, you can set slot allocation to 10KB/s which means that you will upload to two users with 10KB/s each.
  Italian Version: (Versione in italiano)
     Funzione di allocazione slot, permette di specificare quanti clients possono scaricare contemporaneamente dal proprio client; per esempio, se si hanno 20KB/s come massimo upload, impostando 2 slot si permetterà ad un massimo di 2 utenti per volta di scaricare files dal proprio computer (ognuno dei quali avrà a disposizione una banda di 10KB/s).

In the Italian Version was misunderstood the Slot "Unit" (KB/s). For this cause the translation say that with 2 slot the Max Number of user is 2. In the English version the definition is 20KB/s <-> 2KB slot = 10 users connected!!