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This is the list of things to do in this wiki.

Check this wiki's FAQ if you haven't already taken a look at it.


Most urgent stuff

  1. Compatibility with Leopard
  2. Write good "aMule usage" documents (being worked)
    1. Networks
    2. Transfers
  3. Go on for Kademlia specific articles
  4. (Re)work on the utilities FAQs and articles (requires usage articles done)
  5. Document missing files and Kademlia files (and explain defaults in config file)
  6. Split large articles into smaller articles straight to topic (in process, stalled, requires FAQs, Kademlia and usage articles completed)
  7. Rework the Main Page and the whole wiki structure (requieres all the above done)
  8. Network packets and protocol design (and EC)

Someday stuff

  • Only first word's appearance is linked in wiki

Always TODOs