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Built-in shortcuts

The following are shortcuts you can use with aMule.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts
Shortcut Window Action
<CTRL>+<Q> All Exit aMule
<F1> All Show help
<CTRL>+<A> All Select all items from list
<DEL> All Remove selected item from list (if possible)
* All Typing in a list will jump to the item which's first column value begins with the typed string
<ENTER> Networks/ED2K Connect to selected server
<ENTER> Search Start search/download
<ENTER> Transfers Expand/hide selected file sources
<F2> Transfers Rename selected download (Except for completed downloads)
<F2> Shared Files Rename selected file
<ENTER> Messages Chat with selected user

Mouse shortcuts

Mouse shortcuts
Shortcut Window Action
<CTRL>+<ALT>+Middle click All (Main window) Show wxWidgets version
Double click Networks/ED2K Connect to selected server
Double click Search Start selected download
Middle click Transfers Show selected file/client details
Double click Transfers Expand selected file sources
Double click Messages Chat with selected user
Double click Statistics Expand/hide statistics

User defined

Hot keys can be defined in GTK1, but not with GTK2. Anyway, they are ignored (since wxWidgets ignores them), so we won't explain how to do this as it is of absolutely no use with aMule.

Also, since wxWidgets ignores user-defined hot keys, they cannot be saved from session to session.

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