How to uninstall wxWidgets

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Removing packages

If you installed wxWidgets through your distro's packages (rpm, deb, tgz, ebuild...) just uninstall it normally.

Uninstalling from sources

If you compiled wxWidgets on your own, go to the sources directory and run make uninstall (as root).
If you deleted the sources directory, you can download it again, run configure and then run make uninstall (again, as root).

Forcing wxWidgets out of the system

Last, the quick'n'dirty deltaHF (TM) way (only to be used if the above two failed):

rm -f  /usr/bin/wx*
rm -rf /usr/lib/wx
rm -f  /usr/lib/libwx*
rm -f  /usr/local/bin/wx*
rm -rf /usr/local/lib/wx
rm -f  /usr/local/lib/libwx*