HowTo compile on Win32 with MinGW

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by Madcat

List of things you need to compile aMule

Note: Some of these require manually moving includes/libs into the right directories.

Windows port of GNU C compiler -> Download

Minimal GNU shell for Windows -> Download

Developer toolkit for MSys (for CVS & co) -> Download

LibIConv (required by gettext) -> Download

GetText (for po files,, etc) -> Download

zlib compression library -> Download

Windows port of wxWidgets library -> Download

Common guidelines, issues, solutions

Generally, compile wxMSW as static library. This avoids several linker issues, and provides you with static binary.

Link statically against zlib, curl and wxMSW to avoid distributing extranous DLLs (and generally make life simpler). At this point, this requires manually hacking src/Makefile (after running configure) and changing the necessary -l*** places to paths to static libraries.

You need to modify wx/setup.h file by hand (after installing wx) and change wxCheckListBox to 0 (or, alternativly, configure wx with --without-checklistbox). Probably there's a better way around this, but I can't think of any right now.

Why don't distribute a compiled version?

Oh! Please compile it - it will be so much easier....

Compiling with MinGW Studio

Since the 2004/07/17, you can find in CVS the file amule.msp which is the project file relative to the MinGW Studio IDE (Free and under GPL at and shipped with precompiled wxMSW).

Install MinGW Studio, add Zlib and Curl compiled libs in The MinGW Studio tree.

Then, open amule.msp with MinGW Studio, press F7, and aMule "should" be compiled :)

Yes, I know, "compile" is not the same as "work" ... But it is a great begining

Compiling with MakefileWIN32

With MinSyS and MinGW, you can use the shipped MakefileWIN32.

Just rename configWIN32.h to config.h, edit MakefileWIN32 to give it the path of your compiler, and type make -f MakefileWIN32