HowTo compile on Win32

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MS Visual Studio

See HowTo_compile_with_Visual_Studio for information about compilation with MS VS.

Compile from Linux

See Cross-compilation for windows with mingw for details about cross-compiling from Linux.


This tutorial focuses on the free MinGW environment for Windows, tested on Vista Business 32bit.

For a more detailed description see HowTo compile on Win32 with MinGW.


MinGW environment

Start by downloading the latest MinGW Installer. Select to download and install, accept the licence, use the current package and select the MinGW base tools and g++ compiler packages. Select an installation path, but try to avoid spaces in the path name. Wait for the download and installation to finish.

Then download the current MSYS release and install it. In the post installation configuration, put the path to your existing mingw installation.

Go to the MinGW download page and download the latest 'gettext-devel-0.16.1-MSYS' and 'zlib-1.2.3-MSYS' packages and extract them to your MSYS path.


Download the latest wxMSW package in zip format from the wxWidgets download page. I recomment to extract it to your MSYS home directory, for instance C:\MSYS\1.0\home\user.

Now open the MSYS shell, change your working directory to your wxWidgets directory and execute

 ./configure --disable-debug --enable-optimize --enable-unicode
 make install

to compile and install wxwidgets.

If you get a permission denied error when issuing "make install", see this page for a fix.