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NOTE: In order to compile aMule 2.2.0 or higher you need wx 2.8.x. NOTE: In order to compile aMule 2.1.3 with wx-2.8.x you need a Patch aviable here

Download wxBase 2.8.1 or higher from [1] here unpack it, and do as user

  • ./configure --prefix=/usr/ --enable-unicode
  • make

as root

  • make install
  • ldconfig


Unpack it, and do as user

  • ./configure --enable-amulecmd --enable-webserver --disable-monolithic --enable-amule-daemon
  • make

as root

  • make install

That's it. You now have a working aMule-daemon in /usr/local/bin
Now you need to configure it. To create the ~/.aMule/amule.conf file, which is the preferences file, run aMuled once.
The ~/.aMule directory and the ~/.aMule/amule.conf file will be created in the home directory of the user that ran aMuled.

NOTE: In aMule versions previous to 2.0.0 the ~/.aMule/amule.conf file was ~/.eMule.

You probably want aMuleWeb to control your daemon. To be able to use that you need to enable External Connections. Check this article.
Also read the aMuled FAQ, since some setup things are mentioned there.

Where to report problems and questions?

For problems or questions, post a message on aMule forum or join IRC channel #amule at

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