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by Mike (servnov)

Installing aMule on Slackware

1) Download wxBase and wxGTK sources (.tar.gz packages) from or

NOTE: you will need root access or equivalent to complete aMule install.


tar -xzvf wxBase*
cd wxBase*
make install
tar -xzvf wxGTK*
cd wxGTK*
make install
Grab pre-built Slackware package from
IMPORTANT: You need to have installed pkgtools with Slackware (this is done by default).
installpkg aMule-2.0.0rc5-i686-2.tgz (or whatever current version is)
That's all!
Type amule in a shell to lauch or in KDE (similar in GNOME) go to Kstart->Internet->aMule


removepkg aMule (should work without version, etc.)
Then if you want get a newer aMule*.tgz version as installpkg again.

Hope this helps.

Catch me on IRC at channel #amule nick servnov

Final note

Building aMule itself from source (i.e. NOT from installpkg aMule*.tgz) usually causes many problems in Slackware, Knoppix and a few other distros. Known possible problems:

Enjoy the hard work aMule developers have done and continue to do!

Just remember you will need wxBase and wxGTK installed even when using Slackware package.