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(This and the previous: The (c) holder of xMule project is every former developer, too. Also, Adding the fact xMule is a fork. And also, I don't think disclosing realnames is a good idea at all, at lea)
(Needs a note about Kry being retarded.)
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Current only developer of the [[lmule]] fork, [[xMule]]. A.K.A Un-Thesis | unthesis.
Formerly primary developer of the [[lMule]] fork, [[xMule]], after [[User:Madcat|Madcat]] and [[User:Kry|Kry]] left. A.K.A Un-Thesis | unthesis.

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Formerly primary developer of the lMule fork, xMule, after Madcat and Kry left. A.K.A Un-Thesis | unthesis.