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I'm really wishing to get a remote GUI client (non web) for aMuled. Is there any available?

Of course. Since aMule 2.0.0 rc7 aMuleGUI is available. It ships with the official tarball and has exactly the same features as the original monolithic aMule.

How can I compile aMuleGUI?

Just check configure's help. If you only want to compile aMuleGUI and aMuled, try the following:

  • Extract aMule's sources
  • Run: ./configure --enable-amule-daemon --enable-amule-gui --disable-monolithic
  • Now run: make
  • If it all went ok, just run: make install
  • To run aMuled type amuled and to run aMuleGUI type amulegui

Downloading compiled win32 version of aMuleGUI

Somehow the win32 version of amulegui is buried in the forum. In fact, there is a forum thread which focuses on win32 binaries for amulegui. As specified in the thread, you can always download the daily build of the win32 amulegui via an anonymous ftp.

How to log in

In order to log in via EC, your aMuled will need a password. To fill in the password into ECPassword field of amule.conf, use:

echo -n yourpasswordhere | md5sum | cut -d ' ' -f 1