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eD2k links

eD2k links are links which refer to some file or server in the eD2k network.

They have the follwing format:


Note that each field is separated from the others by a pipe character (|).

This are the meanings of each field:

  • ed2k:// -> This is the protocol handler. It shows that the link refers to an eD2k file.
  • TYPE -> This indicates the kind of link it is. Its value might be file when it refers to a file, or server when it refers to a server.
  • REST-OF-FIELDS -> This fields will depend on the type of link it is (described below).

File links

This links add a file to your download list.

They have the follwing format:


  • NAME -> This will contain the name of the file the link is refering to.
  • SIZE -> This field contains the size of the file in bytes.
  • MD4-HASH -> This field contains the MD4-Hash of the file.

Aditionally, some other fields can be added after the MD4-HASH field. Here are some (these fields are extensible depending on the client you are using):

  • PartHashes -> It will show the MD4 hash of each chunk in the file. It's format is p=hash1:hash2:hash3 with as many hashes as the file needs.
  • Sources -> It informs about possible known sources of the file. It's format is "sources,IP:Port,IP:Port,IP:Port" with as many sources as desired. Note that a hostname may be specified instead of an IP address. Also note that that source fields differ from other types of fields, see the syntax in the example below.
  • URLs -> It may happen that the file in the link can be downloaded from some URL. In such cases, it can be told in the link by putting a field like s=URL and if more than one URL must be written, each will be indicated in a separate field. (aMule does not support this feature and silently ignores the URL.)
  • Root Hash -> The Root Hash of the file (please read about AICH to know what a Root Hash is) may be specified in the link by putting a filed like h=RootHash



Server links

This links add a server (the specified server in the server link) to your serverlist.

They have the follwing format:


  • IP -> IP of the server to connect to.
  • PORT -> Port where the server is listening for incomming eD2k connections

Serverlist links

This links add a whole serverlist to your current serverlist if you had one. It will just be used as your serverlist if you had no previous serverlist.

They have the follwing format:


  • ADDRESS -> Full address to the serverlist file (including the serverlist's filename).