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This page was created to help new developers understand how aMule is implemented. Basically the best way to learn about aMule is to take a look at the code itself. This however takes quite some time and is difficult to begin with when you are new to the project and don't know about the components and their interactions. Read on to get some help on getting started improving the application. We wish you success!

aMule comes with different utilities and is therefore not the only part of the aMule project. This wiki page however focuses on the aMule client application only!

Note: This site is work in progress. It was started by Marcell, because he found aMule was lacking documentation for developers.

The big picture

The mind map about aMule goes here.


Here is a helpful documentation how the gettext catalogs and portable object files work: click me!

Documented code

The source code of aMule is documented inline with Doxygen compatible comments. This enables the generation of linked HTML documentation using Doxygen.
Here you can find the newest compressed version of the aMule Doxygen documentation. Download and uncompress it, open the index.html file and start browsing.