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'''English''' | [[Compilation_Installation-fr|Français]] | [[Compilation_Installation-nl|Nederlands]] | [[Compilation_Installation-br|Português]] | [[Compilation_Installation-de|Deutsch]]
'''English''' | [[Compilation_Installation-fr|Français]] | [[Compilation_Installation-nl|Nederlands]] | [[Compilation_Installation-br|Português]] | [[Compilation_Installation-de|Deutsch]] | [[Compilation_Installation-ru|Russian]]

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English | Français | Nederlands | Português | Deutsch | Russian

Manual Installation

To install aMule you can either install it from scratch, as described in Compiling From Sources, or use RPMs, as described in the Installing using RPMs section. Using RPMs will speed things up a lot but is not available by default with all linux distributions.

Compiling From Sources

WARNING: Make sure you have no copies of wxWidgets installed. If you already have wxWidgets installed, check How to uninstall wxWidgets before starting a new installation. If you continue have problems, then check if wx is installed twice, since that's a common compilation and runtime problem.

NOTE: In wxWidgets >= 2.5.1, wxBase is not distributed as a separate tarball.

Step 1: wxGTK

  • Compile wxGTK
    • tar -zxvf wxGTK-2.6.2.tar.gz
    • cd wxGTK-2.6.2'
    • To avoid crashes at startup when linked against GTK2, save this file as intl.cpp in your wxGTK-2.6.2/src/common directory (replace the original one)
    • Link against the GTK version you have on your system (choose one):
      • Linked against GTK1: ./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-gtk2 && make
      • Linked against GTK2: ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-gtk --enable-unicode --disable-compat24 --enable-optimise && make
  • As root:
    • make install
    • ldconfig

Step 2: wxBase

Step 3: aMule

  • Compile aMule (please check the configure article) ->
    • tar -zxvf aMule-X.X.X.tar.gz (replace X with the right version number..)
    • cd aMule-X.X.X
    • ./configure --disable-debug --enable-optimize && make
  • As root:
    • make install
  • Run aMule as a regular user from console by typing -> amule

Installing using RPMs

Step 1: wxGTK

  • Install wxGTK ->
    • As root:
      • rpm -Uvh wxGTK-2.6.1-X.rpm (replace X with the right name..)
      • ldconfig

Step 2: aMule

  • Install aMule ->
    • As root:
      • rpm -Uvh aMule-X.rpm (replace X with the right name and version number..)
  • Run aMule as a regular user from your console by typing -> amule