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Version 2.3.3 - The "delayed too many times, but still not too late" version.



  • Permit amuleweb in an iframe

Dmitry Smirnov:

  • Added mimetype-hanlder to amule.desktop originally in debian


  • Workaround for bug in wxWidgets causing aMule to crash on closing the last search tab


  • Fix restoring toolbar orientation on 'Cancel'
  • Features ported from eMule:
    • Find best keyword for Kad search (0.49c)
  • Various fixes to gdlib detection
  • Support for compiling aMule with wxGTK under Cygwin
  • Various small fixes to the MacOSX packager script
  • Workaround for wxWidgets bug #17740 (Wrong path used to search for translations), fixes GitHub issue #74 (.mo files for translation are not loaded if amule is built to install to a prefix other than /usr (e.g. /usr/local).)
  • Portability fixes
  • Handle the deprecation of std::auto_ptr in C++11 by using std::unique_ptr instead.
  • Fix linking with readline if configure uses caching
  • Remove 'web search' search type as there are no search engines to support
  • Readline related fixes and improvements in amulecmd:
    • Set the proper application name (amulecmd) for readline. This allows conditional parsing of the readline configuration files (like ~/.inputrc). See the GNU Readline Library documentation (section 1.3.2) for more details.
    • Set up command completion on pressing the TAB key. Since command names are case insensitive, completion uses the default capitalization (shown by the 'Help' command). Completion also works for the 'Help <command name>' construct.
    • Pressing <Enter> on an empty line won't give 'Syntax error!' anymore, the empty line is silently ignored.
  • Flex and bison generated files will no longer be regenerated occasionally on the user's system.
  • Proxy authorization fixes
  • Explicitly disable support for autoconf >= 2.70
  • Fix compilation using C++17


  • Added papirus theme


  • Fix compilation with newer bfd


  • Fix integer conversions in amulecmd


  • Fix sharing directories with non-ASCII names with aMule daemon
  • Fix potential invalid detection for empty wxCharBuffer


  • Fixed libupnp API breakage.


  • Fixed issue #99 by properly initializing wxSockets in the remote gui

Sandro Tosi:

  • remove garbage from gdlib originally in debian


  • Fixed compilation with upnp-1.8
  • C++11 fixes
  • Only handle mouse-up events if the mouse-down event happened on the same tab
  • Fix issue #114: Switching search result tabs doesn't work
  • Fix a number of build warnings
  • Fix a few memory leaks
  • Various small code improvements
  • Add option to show notifications when finished downloading
  • Fixed issue #54: the minimize button doesn't work propertly when "minimize to tray icon" is activated on preferences
  • Fixed issue #59: start minimized doesn't work
  • Fixed issue #225: amule shows wrong 100% when files aren't downloaded
  • Show speeds in MB/s instead of kB/s when appropriate

Sebastiano Pistore:

  • Unified translation file headers to make it easier to identify contributors

Thibaut Lassalle:

  • Add

Tom Li:

  • OScopeCtrl.cpp: use Refresh() instead of ProcessEvent() to refresh the UI, fix issue #146.

Tommy Jerry Mairo:

  • Fixed issue #119: API mismatch with Crypto++ 6.0.0


  • Initial support for detecting pkg-config based gdlib versions
  • Compilation fixes for VS2015
  • Fixed compilation with wx-3.1
  • Added cmake-support (Linux and Windows tested)
  • Dropped support for cryptopp versions before 5.5


  • Fix crash when shared files changed on Shared files tab