Changelog 2.0.2

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Version 2.0.2 - The " [Your Ad Here] " version.



  • Ported the eMule Chicane web template to aMule.


  • Fixed #421: 'In Windows XP it lets to choose Konqueror, Galeon and other Unix based browsers.'
  • Fixed #406 and #380: 'some clients get an unexpected very high priority'


  • Fixed a hang-on-exit-using-100%-cpu bug
  • Fixed a crash when enabling UDP after startup


  • Added Version Check (you can disable it on preferences).
  • Added "source comes from" (on the "Time remaining" column)
  • Now you can compile aMule without gettext, using --disable-nls. Additionally, aMule no longer stops configure if there is no gettext installed.
  • Fixed aMule shutting down if a source seeds file is 0-size.
  • Fixed HTTP download code not returning proper error code (causing crashes).
  • Fixed OS_Info packet only being sent to downlaoding clients.
  • Fixed Solaris mount info file name.
  • Fixed includes on daemon for Solaris.
  • Fixed mldonkey detection. Did anyone notice mldonkey bans aMule?
  • Fixed SetAllTimeTransfered parameter size (thanks eylzo)
  • Fixed #430: "Sources order by priority/status"
  • Fixed #442: "Sort by 'Time Remaining' puts files which are not transferring first"
  • Fixed #453: "Add option to export links with AICH hashes"
  • Fixed #458: "Wrong gauge size on shared files control "


  • Ports display fix.
  • A4AF swap to this fix.

Special Thanks To:

  • Contributors:
  • Bug reporters:
  • All the usual people.
You don't know who they are? Just check previous changelogs :P