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Version 2.0.0rc5 - The 'Let's recover our release speed' version.



* Better sorting of some columns


* Some gui design and coding of the upcoming Kad window
* Protocol update:
* UDP protocol upgraded to eMule 0.43b
* TCP Standard Base protocol upgraded to eMule 0.43b
* TCP Extended Base protocol upgraded to eMule 0.43b
* Fixed memory corruption and crashes on 'cas'
* Fixed gsocket-2.5.c for big endian archs.
* Fixed CFile class to actually return error when a error ocurred and not only when it feels like.
* Fixed bug where the 'All' category could be removed leading to crashes and other funny behaviours.
* No more minimize when no tray has been selected.
* Fixed browse skin file button to actually browse a file ;)
* Fixed high 32 bits of transfered bytes not being loaded on known.met (sorry fluffly!)
* Some Mac bugfixes.


* Some gcc 3.4.x compilation fixes


* GUIEvents updated
* core2gui events added.
* Some gcc 3.4 fixes to GUIEvents


* Added a test with a warning to CSearchDlg::OnBnClickedSdownload in SearchDlg.cpp.
A NULL value has been reported on the foruns, we don't know how GetPage() or FindWindowById() could have returned NULL. * More unicode fixes to alcc and ed2khash.
* Fixed flags for console applications. -DwxUSE_GUI=0 is required so that amuleweb, amulecmd, etc, run fine with wxWidgets version 2.5.2 and up.
* Fixed a problem with gsocket-2.5.c when using wxWidgets version 2.5.2 and up. Now amule runs with 2.5.2.
* New ipfilter code.
* Found the reason why wx-2.5.2 gui was messed: starting with wx-2.5.2, a new flag must be added when adding components to sizers to keep the old behaviour (wxFIXED_MINSIZE).
This constant is defined to zero in amule.h when wx-version is less than 2.5.2, so that amule still compiles in old wx.


* Add win32 MakefileWIN32, configureWIN32.h and project file amule.msp
* Make win32 use winsock2 for IPFilter
* Enable alc, alcc, wxCas translations with aMule catalog
* Use normalized includes for wx in wxCas, alc and alcc
* Limit the server name length in wxCas to avoid a too large window
* New icon for alc
* Global fr translation


* Added the ability to search for "Texts" (Thanks to CodeWarrior2)
* Attempt at fixing both Random Socket Bugs and Random Client Bugs.
* Fixed new IPFilter code.
* Cleanup of CPartFile::SavePartFile
* Got rid of some unneeded includes.
* Fixed compilation when using crypto++ 5.2
* Ensuring that the ServerListCtrl gets unfrozen in case of corrupted met files.
* Fixed a crash-bug added by Kry's UDP commit.

Special thanks to:

* CodeWarrior2 for the inital work on "Texts" searching.
* The usual people, those on the other 'Thank you!' sections of changelog.
* All the people at the Mac section of forums, for testing compilation and run.