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Version 2.0.0-rc2 - The 'white rabbit' version



* Fixed Win32 compilation (again).


* Implemented completed parts count on file rehash.
Prevents your downloads to completely lost on a wrong .part.met write.


* Added zlib version check
* *BSD compatibility


* New icon for aMule in DL/UP window ;)
* curl-config now >= 7.9.5 (for debian)
* i18n stuff
* Removed double catalan entry from prefs
* Fixed some typos


* Added cas (C aMule Statistics), a remake of aStats but 10 times faster (still lack online sign).
* amulesign.dat now shows the Total transfered values in bytes.
* Added Session upload and download to amulesign and uptime too.


* Added new inclusion path if distro in not detected
* fixed wrong and duplicated inclusion in ClientCredits.*
* Modified configure scripts, only amule is compiled by default
* Added cas, ed2k, amulecmd, amulegui, amule webserver, amule webserver gui
* fixed wrong zlib check in configure

hoschy, one-2-one, godard, PowerMike, hellimod:

* MacOSX stuff


* Compiled the RC1 bugs and provided support on forums. It's our man-for-all.


* Implemented the Complete count on search results and on file publishing.
This feature added since aMule 2.0.0-rc1 and eMule 0.42e was not released with the rc1 for network technical reasons (still on testing with lugdunummaster). When publishing a file, we also inform the server if the file is complete or not. Search results show the count of complete sources sent by the server next to the sources found: i.e. 100 (28) meaning 100 sources, 28 of them complete (72 incomplete or old client)
* Added sending of the extended eMule version using aMule version, with additional rc version
* Added parsing of the new 0.4x eMule tags on hello packets.
* Added parsing the Secure Ident packets for new eMule versions. Reduce overhead on download/upload.
* Added HandShake check on upload request.
* Rewrote display of client version on transfers page to handle the client soft/version correctly on any client. That means eDonkeyHybrids and eMule does show now the correct version (i.e edonkey 0.50.1 or emule 0.42d). aMule shows now as either "aMule 1.x (based on eMule v0.xx)" (<= 2.0.0-rc1) or aMule "A.B.C-rcX" (>= 2.0.0-rc2)
* Fixed Mule Info packet only sent to eMule clients. Now is sent to old eMule && eMule-like clients (compatible clients)
* Added 'Allocate Full Part File" and "Allocate Full Chunk" to preferences. None functional yet.
* Fixed Client Detail Dialog to show correct client version.
* Fixed comment mark on Download list being cut on the display.
* Fixed the crashes on Base Client packets.
* aMule now loads .par.met.BAK if the .part.met is 0-size (added to Ariel's commit, this prevents losing met files).
* Made SafeMem files really safe checking for read after end of file.
* Fixed wrong Modversion data (fixes random crash too)
* Fixed assert on wrong upload list control data.
* Fixed several crashes on wxString::GetData usage.
* Fixed UDP disable button not being saved across sessions
* Fixed a bug on new version check.
* Locale goes to System Default on new version now (fixes weird language problems
* Fixed wrong OP_REASKFILEPING packets being sent .
* Reverted GAddress_INET functions to standard inet_addr ones.
* Completely removed list refresh functions. CPU saved was not worth it.
* Added CheckDiskSpace checkbox and radio button to the preferences.
* Added the scale of the connections graph on stats. (only rescaled on restart)
* Added 'Reset' button for Server Log
* Fixed: Right click popup on server connected was showing 'connect' now shows 'reconnect'.
* gscocket shouldn't be compiled on Mac, and so it's not compiled now ;)
* Fixed Preview of already completed files not working.
* Fixed files > 2Gb not working on fast ed2k links handler and ed2k app.
* Fixed file size for files larger then 2Gb displayed incorrectly
* Changed timeout of curl functions to 10 - fixes hangups when clicking server update without internet conenction.
* We don't share 0 size files anymore.
* Fixed the crash on invalid socket using 5 different ways. The last one seems to be the most stable.
* Fixed several hangups on file completion.
* Fixed % and progressbar not being updated when changed on GUI Tweaks.
* Fixed comment packets. This was causing disconection from eMule clients (and crashing aMule clients)
* Fixed amule dissapearing because sent to systray when --disable-systray was used.
* Fixed memleak on search packet sent.
* Fixed memleak on KnownFile deletion
* Fixed memleak on search results received.
* Fixed memleak on comment packet received.
* Speeded up socket event handling.
* Cleaned server connection. No more 'inet connection might be down' - unless it's down ;)
* Faster PartFile processing.
* Fixed endian issue on PartFile loading.
* Fixed non-needed delete of an array on the notebook destructor.
* Doesn't allow an incoming packet to get processed if socket is deleting.
* Fixed double-highlight of servers if disconnected by the server.
* Speeded up hashing of the files a lot. This should fix the gui hangs at startup.
* Removed all old preferences code. That makes the app smaller, less memory used, and avoid some unexpected bugs that arised on having 2 preferences implementation. Now New Prefs become Preferences.
* Fixed SysTray and gtk-files being compiled even when disabled on configure.
* Fixed several warnings.
* Fixed assert on Clear All (search)
* Make aMule compile on wxWidgets 2.5 (and CVS) version.


* win32 LaunchUrl() function
* Added amule-win32.HOWTO.txt
* Better win32 version of Hostname() function


* WebSocket.* & WebServer.*: now uses wxThreads and wxSockets to be cross platform.
* Better threads' array remove in WebSocket
* WebServer cleanly stopped before exit
* Fixed multiple file download bug in webserver search section
* Fixed ed2k download link
* Fixed categories for web interface


* win32 stuff


* Memleak fix


* Amule no longer writes met files when priority is changed through the auto-priority subsystem. Thus hd-writes are substancially reduced depending on the number of files set to auto-priority.
* Fixed bug where text fields overlap each other (Disp. 4 & 5)
* Cleanup of amuleDlg.*
* aMule no longer displays a message about not being able to open the file "lastversion" the first time it is run
* Changed the CTypedPtrList filelist in DownloadQueue.* to a std::deque, with a speed-increase as a result
* Fixed the bug where the background of previously selected items in the friendslist wouldn't be redrawn (Disp. 2)
* Fixed auto-priority. Priority would be set one tad too high, resulting in the downloadlist failing to assign a name to the priority, thus leaving empty in sharedfiles-list. (Tran. 3)
* Fixed the problem where "completed percent" of files that hadn't transfered any bits yet would display a negative percentage (Disp. 8)

** Special thanks to niet for his DNS service, bootstrap for his CVS service, stefanero & Citroklar for their great help with a lot of stuff.

Thx also to all translators and the users for reporting bugs and testing aMule (feel free to report more) :)

As usual thx to eMule & wxWidgets devs and everyone i forgot ;)

** New translators:

Supergirl: Croatian
rommel: Portuguese
sNeo: Italian (Napoletan)

** Follow the white rabbit and u'll find rc3 soon ;)