AMule is slow

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aMule is slow

So aMule is slow? This can be due to:

Your fault

This is a list of issues which can be the reason for slow download speeds:

  • A low value in "Preferences"->"Download limit"
  • Having Low ID

The network's fault

We're sorry to tell you that sometimes, the low speeds aren't due to a bad aMule code or a bad configuration, but due to other facts. This is a list:

  • The eD2k is a slow network. In some other P2P networks you can easily download faster. The eD2k network is one of the fastest P2P networks existing, but it's main goal is availability. While on other popular networks you'll be able to download very fast, you'll quickly find out that in the eD2k netowrk there are millions of files you'll be unable to find in any other network.
  • Credits. If you are running aMule for the first time or if you deleted some files in the ~/.aMule directory, you'll have no credits. Credits grant fast downloads. If you don't know what they are, read this.
  • The file's availability. Rare files, old files, extremly new files... this kind of files have very few sources, so it takes quite some time for aMule ot connect to some other client shareing it.