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The "all-platform eMule", it is a eMule-like client for ed2k network, supporting Linux, *BSD platforms, Solaris, *MacOSX and *Win32 (*soon). It was forked from xMule project back in september 2003 (not related to it anymore, except little bits of old code), to drive it to a brand new direction and quality. Uses wxWidgets (formely known as wxWindows) for multiplatform support.

  • aMule has almost all features of the eMule client, which are:
 - Clients use two networks to create one reliable network (ED2K, Source Exchange).
 - aMule's Queue and Credit system helps to ensure that everyone will get the file he wants by promoting those that upload back to the network.
 - aMule uses the new server protocol like zlib.
 - SecureIdent.
 - IPFilter reload and "use / don't use" functions (no need to close aMule anymore).
 - Localisation: aMule is availabe in more than one language.
 - Download Queue: progressbar only - percentage only - both.
 - Systray integration.
 - Online Signature.
 - Leecher ban: Some people use unsocial clients, these clients are banned by aMule.
 - aMule is completely free (just like eMule). aMule does not contain Adware or Spyware.
 - Each file is checked for corruptions while downloading to ensure an error free file.
 - Intelligent Corruption Handler (ICH) helps to speed up the correction of corrupted parts.
 - Auto priorities and source management allow you to start many downloads without having to monitor them.
 - The Preview function allows you to look at your videos and archives before they are completed.
   For video previewing, MPlayer or Xine is recommanded but Video Lan Client should work too.
 - You can create categories to organize your downloads.
 - To find the files you want, aMule offers a lot of search possibilities, which are:
   Servers (local and global) and of course direct integration in your favourite browser for easy klick-and-download (with ed2k:// links).
 - Messaging and Friend system: you can send messages to other clients and add them as friends.
    In your friend list you can always see if a friend is online.
 - aMule supports updating the server list from an URL during run-time.
    You can also configure aMule to download it at startup.
    It also supports updating the server while connecting to a server or a client.
 - PowerShare function: better handling of your shared files (release).

aMule special features

  • Slot allocation: you can choose how the upload is distributed. For example, if you have 20 kb/s for your maximum upload,
  you can set slot allocation to 10 kb/s which means that you will upload to two users with 10 kb/s each.
  • amulecmd & amulecmdDLG: command line interface or graphical command line interface, to connect to your running aMule and get status or send commands.
  Works locally and from remote clients. NOTE! amulecmd and amulecmdDLG also work in WINDOWS! you can control your linux box from your office's windows ;)
  • Fast ED2K Link handler at the bottom of every page (can be disabled on preferences.
  • Save 5 sources on rare files (<20 sources).
  • Refreshtimer for the DL/UP list.
  • 01:02am [efe] add also a very good dev team !


  • Complete webserver rewrite (under heavy developement at the moment, be patient please).
  • Kademlia support.
  • and and and ..