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What is wxWidgets ?

wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows) provides a single, easy-to-use API/Framework for writing applications (GUI applications supported) on multiple platforms and languages (see below for a partial list of supported platforms and languages).

It allows you to use a single source code on many different operating systems and platforms with very little (if any at all) code modifications, making the code and application portability as easy as it can get.

As an overview, it supports advanced features such as clipboard, drag&drop, printing, networking, editing and viewing graphics, multithreading, handling signals and events, system calls, file access, etc.

Even more, wxWidgets grants the look'n'feel and behaviour of your application will remain exactly the same whatever platform you port it to.

Depending on the platform wxWidgets are running on, the libraries the application is going to be linked to, and the programming or scripting language it is written in, the following wxWidgets supports are available:

To download the latest wxWidgets read this document.

Links in this wiki regarding wxWidgets:

NOTE: aMule is a separate project and is not realated to wxWidgets in any way (apart from using it as it's widgets library).