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Right SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP! Did use Kazaa but its DODGY. A chum said "Use aMule, It's awsome!" So I tried V101 V124 V200 AND THEY ALL give me message saying "no servers in addresses.dat blablabla moan moan" and then you click okay. aMule then disappears. You cant get show it again. Nothing. have searched the web and everyone sais "you need to change this option" or "that option" or "become a christian" but I cant becuase you click on the message box which is modal and aMule is gone. SURELY someone has had this. I am (trying) to use aMule in Gentoo with Gnome.



Take a look at the common problems FAQ... all the answers are there. If you need any further help, please ask again, but please read first ;-)