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Time for you to become a wiki admin. You seem enjoying with the wiki and keeping an eye on its respectfulness and usability. You are up to its spirit and working hard on it. Since you show you are trustful, you are now fre to edit any page and do any administration task with it. Keep up the great job ;)

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it! :o)

Abuot spam, it would be cool if yuo blocked the IPs and users spamming. My procedure is to block any spamming IP or user for 1 year. And users who break an article (not spamming, just deteling useful data or inserting text like "hacked by blabla" (yes, there are such lammers around) or whatever) y block them between a week and a year depending on the harm and the intentionallity (maybe it was unintentionally)

OK, I'll try to do that next time. was obviously playing with those edit buttons. What should I do in this case? Block the IP for some time or somehow encourage him/her to practice on test pages... :-\

What I do is to block for a day and, in the block message (reason) put something like "broke an article. use TestPage for testing". But do whatever you feel will encourage people not to break articles and know why

There's only one (english) version of some articles. May I add a line like this one:

English | Russian

to such pages, if I have translated them into russian?

Of course, that's the idea ;-) People from non-english countries must know that there is a translation aailable whn they get to that article

I see there are now links to translations on Main_Page-ko_KR and Main_Page-de too. So I should add links to Compilation_Installation-ru to all eight main pages?

Yeah, I added them few days ago, since the original translators didn't and haven't been around in weeks