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Thanks for your tips on the Compilation Installation howto! :-) Xaignar fixed the typo on the crypto++ directory.

The links are now on it's place, thanks for that a lot too! :-)

About "I had serious problems compiling 2 RC5 with wx 2.4, finally I moved to 2.5, compiling was fine, but aMule hung during the startup. Got an error message that libqtpixmap.could not be found. Maybe qtpixmap is a precondition as well?"

I don't think Qt problems are claimed by aMule since aMule uses GTK, and no Qt is used at all.

About aMule not starting, remove ~/.eMule and ~/.aMule/clients.met and let's see this way. Anyway, pelase use aMule's forums for such questions.

btw, It's be nice to know what were your compilation problems with wxGTK 2.4 ;-)