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Satisfied amule user since September 2004.

I am also known as ezeltje in the forum (ezel means "mule" in Dutch, in case anyone is wondering).

Things I have done there:

  • created the Events pages with the example script
  • reorganized AMuleWeb and rewrote the intro
  • expanded AMuleCMD
  • complained about the CVS flag, just to find out Kry can be a sarcastic condescending son of a bitch.

and other smaller fixes elsewhere...


I keep forgetting where this is: daily CVS snapshot



Here is a simple script to remove the obligatory command-line parameter you need to use to run aMule CV. Run it in the ../amule-cvs directory. It will make a backup of the original file.

[ -e $FileOut ] && rm -f $FileOut
awk < "$FileIn" > "$FileOut" '	
	Found < 1 && /.!cmdline\.Found/ {
        n = 6
	print "//      ------ Commented out by amuleCVSfx ------"
	Found = 1
	n > 0 {
        $0 = "// " $0
mv -f $FileIn $FileIn~  2>&1
mv -f $FileOut $FileIn  2>&1
# end

You can view the changes using diff:

$ diff --side-by-side --suppress-common-lines src/amule.cpp src/amule.cpp~