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'''[[aMule]] translator'''
[[aMule]] translator, [[Main Page|wiki]] [[AMule_Project_FAQ:Administrators|admin]], general plumber and he likes [http://www.gentoo.org Gentoo Linux]
<u>Main [[aMule]] concerns:</u>
<u>Primary [[aMule]] objectives:</u>
*Fixing laguange errors in [[Main Page|wiki]]
*[[aMule]] tester
*Added router configurations into the [[Firewall]] article
*Maintains [http://www.gentoo.org Gentoo] ebuild ([http://forum.amule.org/thread.php?postid=38002#post38002 amule-cvs-2.ebuild])
*Maintains [[AMule_Project_FAQ:Help|wiki-tag]] errors on [[Main Page|wiki's]] english pages.
*Maintains [[Firewall|Firewall-en]] wiki.
*Maintains [[HowTo Compile In Gentoo|HowTo Compile In Gentoo-en]] and [[HowTo Compile In Gentoo-es|HowTo Compile In Gentoo-es]] wikis.
*Maintains [http://www.microsoft.com/windows Windows] articles ([[HowTo_compile_on_Win32|1]], [[Win32_binary|2]])
*Let's just say... [[AMule_Project_FAQ:Administrators|wiki admin/maintainer]] ;)

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aMule translator, wiki admin, general plumber and he likes Gentoo Linux

Primary aMule objectives: