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The ED2K Link handler is a bar which grabs ed2k links and adds them to the download queue.


The ED2K Link Handler bar looks like this:

Basic usage

To add an ed2k link to your aMule's download queue enter the complete link in the input box (something like ed2k://|file|aMule-2.0.3.tar.gz|2870070|25ABD56A66E279ABFB87065C8AAEA41F|):

Now with the link in the box, click the Commit button and, if the link is valid, it will be added.

If the link is not valid it will not be added and you will notice because the status line will print Invalid ed2k link! Error: Not a valid ed2k-URI.

Advanced usage

The ED2K Link Handler not only acceptes single ed2k link: It accepts multiple ed2k links simultaneously. You just have to enter each link in a separate line.

This are the rules to correctly submit links to the handler:

  • Links must be complete (with the ed2k:// part and the closing | character)
  • Each link in a separate line
  • Spaces and newlines and after a link are ignored
  • A single link cannot be splitted into several lines
  • Anything after a link is ignored, even if in the same line (and eve with no spaces in between)
  • The handler will read all lines trying to find valid links, even if some of them fail
  • The handler doesn't require a closing slash (/) in the links


Quick Reference
Number Description
1 ED2K link handler
2 Links input box
3 Add link
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