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Name: staticservers.dat

Location: ~/.aMule/


The servers listed in this file are considered static servers.


Each line in this file contains the data about a server.

All servers listed in this file are automatically considered static servers.

Any line which's first character is a slash (/) or a number-char (#) is ignored, so comments c an be placed this way.

The servers description format is as follows: Host:Port,Priority,Name

Each non-comment line must contain exactly 3 fields, where each field is sepparated from the others with a comma (,). Any line not containing exactly three fields is ignored.

If the Name field is empty, it will be filled with the contents of the Host:Port field.

The Priority field must be filled with either 0 (for normal priority), 1 (for high priority) or 2 (for low priority). If any other value is read, Priority will be set to it's defautl value, which is normal.


/ This is my localhost server,1,LocalHost
# Next, is my LAN server,0,LAN server
# Finally, my...., hm, another server. Let's call it server number #, hehe
# I really dislike this server,2,Ugly server number # ;-)


If a server listed in this file is already listed in server.met file, the server data in the server.met file will be overriden with this file's data.