Ipfilter static.dat file

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Name: ipfilter_static.dat

Location: ~/.aMule/


The usefulness of this file (and of ipfilter.dat) is described in the IP Filter article.

Ipfilter_static takes precedence over ipfilter. Meaning, in case of a collision between the IP definitions in this file and ipfilter, the definitions in ipfilter_static will override those in ipfilter.


The format of the ipfilter_static.dat file is the same as for the ipfilter.dat file.

Comments in File

# This file is used to store ipfilter-ranges that should
# not be overwritten by aMule. If you wish to keep a custom
# set of ipfilter-ranges that take precedence over ipfilter-
# ranges aquired through the auto-update functionality, then
# place them in this file. aMule will not change this file.

Useful addition to comments

# Format:
# "IPs range" , "Access level" , "Description" 
# Access level values < 127 are blocked
# Access level values > 127 are allowed
# Example:
# RangeStart - RangeEnd , NNN , Text
# - , 000 , invalid ip

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