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Name: GeoIP.dat

Location: ~/.aMule/


Binary format file containing a database of the physical location of IP addresses. It is used by the GeoIP extension of php. For more information on that, see the PHP Manual - Geo IP Location.

GeoIP.dat is published by MaxMind. To get the latest version of the file, or to download the APIs for using it, go to the MaxMind GeoLite Databases page.


Binary, and possibly proprietary.


The location from which to download GeoIP.dat would appear to be hard-coded into Preferences.cpp:

$ grep -n "GeoIP.dat" Preferences.cpp
1254:	s_MiscList.push_back( new Cfg_Str(  wxT("/eMule/GeoLiteCountryUpdateUrl"),
		s_GeoIPUpdateUrl, wxT("") ) );