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The FAQ for AMPS is well covered in three forum threads and the README file packaged with the AMPS distribution (which I will copy verbatim here below):

AMPS announcements - Announcements about AMPS as well as a link to the package download

AMPS signature images - Some alternate base images for the signature image generated by AMPS. Some of these will probably be included in future AMPS revisions.

i18n info - Information about translations and where to post if you have questions/comments/revisions regarding them.

From the AMPS README file:

AMPS - AMule PHP Statistics

Copyright (c) 2004-2005 Matt Britt <uberpenguin@hotpop.com>
Thanks to BigBob for writing the original aStats, which inspired this script

To use AMPS, just copy this entire directory somewhere under your HTTP
server's document root. AMPS requires that your PHP binaries have been
compiled with GD and FreeType support (configure options '--with-gd[=DIR]
--enable-gd-native-ttf'). Since AMPS has to access files outside the document
root of your webserver (specifically the aMule signature file), the safe_mode
option in your '/etc/php.ini' MUST be set to 'off'. If you want AMPS to display
in a different language, append '?lang=xx' to the 'index.php' file where 'xx' is
the two-letter country code (assuming that translation exists) such as en, de,
fr, etc. If you input a country code the script does not recognize, it will
simply default to en. Or you could just use the handy language selection drop-
down list at the bottom of the page!

AMPS looks for the aMule signature file (amulesig.dat) in /tmp. So make sure
amulesig.dat is actually being written to /tmp (the default is ~/.aMule).

If you would like to add a translation in your language, open the file 'en.inc'
in the 'langs/' directory, translate all the strings, and save the translated
file as 'xx.inc' where 'xx' is the two-leter language code (en, fr, etc). That's
it! Also, you probably will want to add the two-letter language code to the
array $completedlangs that is set near the top of 'index.php'. If you produce a
translation, please be sure to send it to me for inclusion in the main

Sometime in the near future I will complete the theme support I have stubbed
into the script. If you have a colour scheme that you think looks good, modify
'style.css' and be sure to send me a copy of your new syle so I can include it
in future versions!

Please send any bugs, translations, or verbal abuse to <uberpenguin@hotpop.com>

Questions or comments regarding translations can be directed to the respective
translators listed in the CHANGELOG file.

Additionally, ensure amulesig.dat is readable by your web server's PHP module by modifying the ownership/group or permissions of the file so that the webserver user has read permission.