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The eD2k extended UDP port is the port through which all non-core packets are sent. That is, all extended description data such as queue rank, file extended tags, comments, etc.

This is also the port Kademlia network uses to communicate between nodes.

This port is always the standard client TCP port + 3.

On the default configuration this port is 4665 (since the default configuration standard client TCP port is 4662).

Note: In the early versions of eDonkey/eMule/aMule/etc this port was standard server TCP port + 4 (so, by default, 4665 too, since the default configuration standard server TCP port is 4661), but this had to be changed since servers' standard TCP port began to be blocked by some ISPs and therefore those servers had to use other ports rendering their utility to only those clients which were configured with the extended UDP port to that server's TCP port + 4.