Changelog 2.2.3

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Version 2.2.3 - The "Late Christmas present" version.



  • Fixes to compile with Sun Studio 12.


  • Fix for linking with a static bfd library.


  • Fixed improper handling of EC connection failures.
  • Fix for shells not properly handling empty lists.
  • POSIX fixes in shell code.
  • Made not finding GeoIP non-fatal.
  • Check if --enable-geoip-static can be fulfilled.
  • Fixed loading of zipped ipfilter files. Thanks to CtrlAltDel for the investigation of the problem.
  • Fixed alc progress bar for files >4GB.
  • Fixed #1056: amulegui: incorrect results when searching with min size >= 4GB
  • Disable automatic sorting of dowload list while there is a pop-up menu or file detail dialog displayed.
  • MinGW compilation fix.
  • Fixed GTK crash on closing search tabs. Thanks to btkaos.


  • Support multiple selections on CSearchListCtrl::OnMarkAsKnown().


  • Fix alc and alcc to work with files bigger than 4GB

Stu Redman:

  • Fix crash when last category was removed with a completed file in it
  • Fix wrong ordering/placing of clients in the download window
  • Fix available fileparts display for large files
  • Don't open server UDP socked if ED2K is disabled
  • Reordered preferences, disabled ED2K/UPnP prefs if ED2K/UPnP is disabled
  • MSVC: solution for MSVC 2008 Express edition, project for ed2k and fileview
  • Fix wrong file download rates in transfer window
  • Windows: fix broken core timer, use precise tickcount and so fix download limit


  • Add checks to cas to prevent segfaults
  • Fix wxCas save file dialog for file types
  • Fix a buffer overflow error in cas

Special Thanks to:

  • btkaos and CtrlAltDel for their invaluable help in tracking off bugs.