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Version 2.1.1 - The "There can be only two! Point one! Point one!" version



  • Fixed sources coming from an 'Unknown' origin.


  • Fixed Mac aMule showing erroneous version number in Get Info.
  • Disabled the HTTP download progress dialog on Mac (again) because it causes crashes.
  • Suppressed an error dialog on failure to lookup the host's domain name. Demoted it to just a message in the log.
  • Fixed a bug in (the Mac ed2k link handler) which prevented it from working properly if there was a space in the path to the aMule application. Thanks to Gomaaz for finding this bug.
  • Eliminated false reports of failure to execute the on-completion command. This happened with amuled and an on-completion command which completes quickly. Thanks to s0undt3ch for reporting this bug.


  • Fixed a bug on sending sources where sources won't be send to a client uploading from us if he uses multipacket.
  • Fixes some crashes, on systray dying, tho not all till wx is patched.
  • Fixed some possible problem with userhash generation, that could lead a void userhash.
  • Fixed defs.h include on MuleDebug.h causing compilation problems on some systems (must be first wx include).
  • Fixed search type "Any"
  • Fixed translation of empty strings, which is reserved to gettext and must never be used.
  • Fixed the container lacking a Frameworks/ folder and thus making the generate_package script fail.
  • Fixed compilation of wxCas with wxWidgets CVS (2.7.x)
  • Fixed ED2K id wrongly used on kad-only setups.
  • Added the --reset-config flag
  • Fixed Kad's sources/nodes search results, based on a patch by tatikiran and further modified by John (eMule) and me.
  • Removed Razorback 2's stats while it's gone.
  • Disabled vertical toolbar on Windows while wxWidgets doesn't fix it.
  • Fixed aMule failing to find configuration folder and any folder that finishes with a "\" on windows. This leaded to shared folders not being shared, too.
  • Fixed drives on windows not being correctly tested.
  • Changed default server.met


  • Fixed amulemd output not being printed immediatly when running in a mingw terminal.
  • Added missing include to GetTickCount.h, which caused the function declaration to be missing in some cases.


  • Fixed "0000690 bug for browse windows in amulegui"


  • Fixed problem with recursivly sharing folders that hadn't been expanded in the tree ctrl.
  • Improved detection of external Crypto++ versions.
  • Fixed somee possibly crashes, caused by failed unicode convertions.
  • Improved error-checking when creating the .aMule data folders.
  • Fixed problem with searching for files of type 'Program', if a search of a different filetype had been done just before.
  • Fixed a problem with shared files, where danling pointers to client objects could be left in some cases.
  • Changed the way MD4 hashes are converted from Base16, in order to improve error-checking. This adds aditional safety to places such as parsing of ED2K links and adding of friends.
  • Fixed bug where clients would be removed from the list of Kademlia clients if the hash, ID or IP changed. This should only happen when the client is deleted.
  • Fixed various problems with logging during startup, including a crash in amuled if an alert was to be displayed.
  • Fixed the HTTPDownload dialog by using events rather than relying on being able to pause the main loop when sending notifications. Also properly aMulified the dialog.
  • Entries for debug-logging are now always saved to the amule.conf file, to allow amuled users to enable these manually. Before, the entries were only written for enabled debuglog-types.
  • Fixed problem in loading of known.met, which would result in duplicate shared files alternating between which file was actually shared. This resulted in statistics for the file being 'lost'.
  • Added locking to the ed2k utility, to prevent races when many links added at once.
  • Changed the way CFile retrieves the file-length, which was causing problems with files shared from a remote drive.
  • Fixed problems with representing 64b values on windows, caused by imcompatible extensions to printf. Thanks to Radek.
  • Improved error messages on startup, when a folder is found to have inadequate permissions.
  • Fixed problems with identifying reconnecting clients, which would cause a number of problems, including exessive bans.
  • Fixing right-clicking (for recursive sharing) only being possible on the directory icon, but not the label.
  • Fixed sorting by client-version on the downloadlistctrl (bug #763).
  • Changed the sort-order of A4AF sources, so that these are always shown last. This fixes bug #761.
  • Fixed assertion in the downloadlistctrl, caused by a bug in wxMemoryDC. This would trigger when a complete file was shown.
  • When a missing shared file is encountered, unshare just that file, instead of rechecking everything, since that would cause noticible lag for people sharing many files.
  • Fixed exec-on-completion being run even if the file failed to perform its completion.
  • Fixed the sanity check for the min/max ext. search parameters, which would cause the min value to be ignored unless a greater value had been set for the max field.
  • Fixed unicode searches, caused by mismatching string conversions.
  • Adding missing exception-handler to the the function searching for shared files. Without this, a failure to retrieve a filesize would result in aMule terminating.
  • Fixed userspecified CPPFLAGS being overwritten by the CXXFLAGS by configure. Thanks to Gerd78.
  • Removed references to amulecmdgui and amulewebgui, which had been left behind from when the utilities were removed.
  • Overrode wxConsoleAppTraits's WaitForChild function for aMuled, allowing wxExecute to be used asyncroniously. This fixes problems with using the exec-on-completion functionality.
  • Improved sanity checks for the TTS implementation.
  • Changed paused state to stopped state in some cases, which had been incorrectly changed to paused by myself.
  • Added Maximize/Minimize buttons to the file details dialog.
  • Fixed dangling pointers left behind, leading to crashes when a server.met file containing dead severs was loaded.

Special Thanks To:

  • All the translaters who did such a great and fast job.