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* nich: Tester
* nich: Tester
* [[User:Stefanero|Stefanero]]: Supporter, Tester, and [[aMuleWeb]] Guru
* [[User:Stefanero|Stefanero]]: Supporter, Tester, and [[aMuleWeb]] Guru
* thedude0001: Tester
=== Special Gold Guest Members ===
=== Special Gold Guest Members ===

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The aMule Project

The aMule project is led by a bunch in people who toil away in front of their computers, so that you can enjoy a stable and featureful P2P client. This page is about us.

The Team

These are the people who work on aMule:



  • Citroklar: Tester, slave-work-coder (sometimes)
  • ender`: Tester
  • nachbarnebenan: Tester, and life-complicator by using large&strange nicks ;-P
  • nich: Tester
  • Stefanero: Supporter, Tester, and aMuleWeb Guru
  • thedude0001: Tester

Special Gold Guest Members


  • bootstrap: IRC bot (bootbox) and aMule CVS hoster
  • uberpenguin: uberpenguin is extremely difficult to classify... Let us call him the 'official bystander to *mule'.
  • niet: DNS stuff, XAS, tester.

Former Team-members

These are people who have worked on aMule in the past. Please note that this list doesn't include the people from before aMule forked off from xMule, nor does it include people from the LMule days. If you wish to learn more about those, please visit the websites of those projects.




We can always use another helping hand, and if you are interested, then I'd encourage you to contact us and see if you can help us. Currently, what we need the most is developers and testers, though also translators and others.

Becoming a Developer

To become a aMule Developer (tm), you'll need at the very least a working knowledge of C++, since that is the language in which aMule is written. You'll also need to learn about the GUI toolkit used by aMule: wxWidgets. Of course, you will have to follow our Coding Style rules or we will beat you to death with a brick in a sock.

However, we do not require that you are an expert, only that you are willing to help and willing to learn.

If you are interested, then simply drop by on IRC and let us know. Currently we use a private CVS server, but after you've submitted a patch or two you can easily get r/w access to it. You can also post patches on the Development forum, however, virtually all discussions regarding development happens on IRC, so learning about that is a good idea as well.

We can use your skills if you are using one of the platforms where we aim at being usable on: Unix, *BSD, Solaris, Macs and Windows. And if your operating system of choice isn't on that list, then maybe you can help add it.

Becoming a Tester

We need people who are willing to create complete bug-reports, as the standard is pretty low regarding user reports. This is rather simple, but takes patience. Please contact us on IRC for more information and read this guide on creating useful backtraces.

Becoming a Translator

aMule already includes translations for a number of languages, however, we'll always welcome more, and even if your language of choice has been done already, then perhaps you can help improve it. Please see the Translations forum for more information on current translations, or contact us on IRC. Also, take a deep look into the aMule translation howto.

Of course, you can also work on translating this wiki's articles. There's still a lot of work to do!